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semi hiatus from school: queue from 7-5
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YEAH! Fuck anxiety!


I’m significantly happier now :~))))

ur super duper cute

i just want you to know that as i was submitting this to you i spilled pizza sauce all over my shirt also i love you and you are the best <3

wow kelcie you look actually amazing in this picture, like even more beautiful than usual. it’s probably because of the pizza sauce, you should spill it more often :D i love you too darling <3


and to start off the night of selfies, take a picture of me freshly showered doing calculus with silent tears of pain streaming down my face…


today has been rough but nothing cheers me up like seeing all your beautiful face so it’s time for SELFIE WEDNESDAY!!

submit to me your favorite selfie

because you are all beautiful people and you deserve to be told that everyday <3


Anonymous asked: oh my i looked on your about page and you're so pretty ahhh!!! it's really cool that you play trombone. do you do marching or jazz band? or maybe concert band? ~K

uwu ily <3 and yeah actually i do all three! plus i do jazz combo and brass quintet and orchestra and the musical… i do way to much trombone basically :P what about you? any fun artistic talents?? :D